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Welcome to the distcache project.

Cryptographic Appliances (my former employer) have kindly allowed the release of this code into open source and so this sourceforge hosting will allow that code to have a new home for ongoing development and releases. The distcache package is licensed under the LGPL (Lesser GNU Public License).

Latest News:
[19-Oct-2004] distcache 1.5.1 development release
This update from the development branch corrects most of the fallout from the libnal overhaul and certainly is a lot more usable now. 1.4 is still considered preferable for production purposes while 1.5 is under development, but anyone wanting the faster and better stuff in 1.5 should find that it performs well and that the new APIs are a lot more flexible.
[19-Oct-2004] update for apache 2.0.52 support
The good news is that distcache support code is now maintained in Apache's CVS, which means it should be present in releases from 2.1 onwards. For now, the 2.0 support has been updated for httpd-2.0.52.
[24-Mar-2004] distcache 1.4.5 stable release
Version 1.4.5 of distcache has been released, and the 1.4 branch it comes from is now the official "stable" branch. The older stable branch (0.4) has been deprecated. This version includes a major bug-fix to dc_client, and all users should strongly consider upgrading.

The main use for this software is in supporting clusters of SSL/TLS-enabled servers (eg. secure web servers) in such a way that they can share a single network-based session cache. 'distcache' is already integrated with Apache 2.0 (or Apache 1.3 with mod_ssl), and any other OpenSSL-based application should be easy to adapt. However the protocol, libraries, and tools provide very generic interfaces for a variety of possible uses beyond SSL/TLS.

There is a network abstraction library built as part of the 'distcache' package, known as libnal (Network Abstraction Library). Even if that's all you're interested in, yes - you have found the right place. :-)

Thanks for your interest in 'distcache'!
Geoff Thorpe,

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